Xenical 60 mg in Montclair

Xenical 60 mg in Montclair

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    Open in new tab All of this brings us back to the realities of obesity.

    II. Criteria for Evaluating the Efficacy of Antiobesity Treatment

    Obesity is a chronic, stigmatized disease 6, 15. Criteria for Evaluating the Efficacy of Antiobesity Treatment This section deals with the criteria for evaluating the efficacy of treatment for obesity.

    The initial criteria proposed after World War II were to estimate the amount of weight loss either in absolute terms or relative to initial weight.

    In any comparison the weight loss should be compared with a placebo.

  • Results are displayed as estimated mean differences between the groups.
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  • Weight loss in placebo-treated groups is highly variable from one study to another and needs to be considered in the review of any drug-treatment protocol. A number of criteria have been proposed for evaluating the response to treatment for obesity.

    In the present context, we will deal with the approaches used since 1945.

    Serious Liver Injuries Reported

    For earlier reviews the readers are referred to other publications 6, 101, 102. Table 2 lists several criteria for evaluating success in treating obesity.

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    In a now classic paper by Stunkard and McLauren-Hume 103 the criterion for success was based on the percentage of people in drug-treated and control groups who lost more than 20 pounds 9 kg or those who lost more than 40 pounds 18 kg.

    Asher and Dietz 42 used these criteria in their review of treatments for obesity in 1972.

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    In addition, the amount of weight loss is greater for men than women with any comparable degree of caloric restriction because women have less lean body mass for any given weight. Also, heavier subjects tend to lose more weight than lighter ones.

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